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New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. Being a company XO was fucking miserable. But one thing about our generation is this instant gratification bullshit. Nurse Corps checking in. Especially in the ABCT arena. You get paid better! Commissioned officers generally enter the Military with a four-year college degree or greater. Learn how to join the military as a U.S. Army Officer and the differences between an active duty and Army Reserve officer at The military must obtain a return on training investment and, therefore, requires officers to serve a certain period of time after the training is completed. What's worse, the attitude of every Arms Officer in my BDE (except the BDE XO, he was cool) was exactly the same: my mission is important, I don't care what else you are supporting, give me exactly what I want exactly now. Even on staff, I learned quickly that supporting the line units in their training or on their missions held some real satisfaction in seeing the results of your hard work. m=s.getElementsByTagName(o)[0];a.async=1;a.src=g;m.parentNode.insertBefore(a,m) This software is licensed for noncommercial use for households with a qualified military user. There are many aspects to being an officer, both good and bad. Sometimes I wish that I had joined the Balloon Observer Corps, or possibly Coastal Artillery. Rising. The only time you will really have to be with the troops is when you are a platoon leader. Over 6 years. Feel free to comment with more specifics. Officers who spend a lot of time out in the field need to be in top physical condition, said Master Sgt. Promotions among the officer corps in the military usually begin by simply putting in time in rate and meeting the standard. All around great guy that I'd love to see make General. It is designated considering individual preference, academic background, the manner of performance, training, and experience, and needs of the Army. Requirements and Waivers. It's fairly unusual to not meet the requirements to move from O-1 to O-3. I have lurked on this sub for a long time and I always knew I wanted to join the military but I was in a 5 year relationship with my girlfriend and she wasn’t supportive of this and it hurts letting her go but the military for me was too important. What was hard was all manner of Combat Arms Officers who just couldn't seem to realize that it was not arcane science, but just knowing my job. 15Retard . To become an officer in the military, attend a service academy for college or go to a university that offers an ROTC program if you want to become a commissioned officer after you graduate. He's a no-nonsense kind of guy, but completely personal even if you're the lowest of the joes, and he's always asking how you're doing and how such and such is going (like if you're going through G2G or some Army school). Let's hear it gentlemen/ladies, I await your replies at the position of attention (jk, actually parade rest because nobody ever calls us out on it). The best officer I've seen so far is a COL I work with occasionally. Soldiers Reveal Worst "Military Wife" Stories (r/AskReddit Top Posts | Reddit Stories) Has anything insane happened to you? Now, you will get major ass chewings if you f*ck up, but unless you kill (or get someone killed with incompetence), rape someone, or get a DUI while you are a lieutenant, you are 95% guaranteed to be promoted to Captain. EDIT: Soldiers in Log units are the salt of the earth, though. AMA Form AMA Information. share. They do take into consideration the sound advice of the NCO’s that serve under them, but the fact of the matter is the most senior NCO is still out ranked by the most junior officer. After that you are basically chained to a computer doing Excel spreadsheets and Powerpoint slide decks. The United Nations Office of Military Affairs seeks highly qualified military officers from UN Member States for service in our peace missions around the world, either as individual Staff Officers, as Military Observers, or as part of a formed unit from an individual Troop-Contributing Country. Give an 88M the shittiest equipment, a shitty truck, absolutely zero air/fires/security support, a mine-infested road, and a 50/50 chance of survival, and s/he will get in the truck and move out. Average age. 2 2. pinned by moderators. Could you give them that UCMJ? My son is a National Guard Captain. The officer might get a slap on the wrist, but in the end it is usually not made into a huge deal. O-1. Warm and fuzzy feelings aside, the infantry lifestyle is not for everyone. Army General Service Officers are allocated to specific roles shortly before graduation from the Royal Military College - Duntroon. Yes, enlisted Soldiers are the backbone of the Army. An officer is a member of an armed forces or uniformed service who holds a position of authority.. Some officers start off in "staff positions" at the Battalion level working in S-3, which is Plans, Operations and Training. 5 5 55. comments. 9 1 1 119. comments. And don't bash me for being the Specialist shammer of the Officer Corps. Send two HMMWVs back here with 22 fuel cans and get your fuel," or "Hell, no, I'm not sending a 2000 gallon water tank to support a range for 20 people. An officer is a member of an armed forces or uniformed service who holds a position of authority.. Enlisted personnel make up about 83 percent of the Armed Forces and carry out military operations. I consider the value of my TriCare for Life equal to my retirement pay. If you want more information on what it is like to be an officer, and what it takes to be one you might want to take a look at The Armed Forces Officer. })(window,document,'script','//','ga'); WO1 are the senior advisors of their unit's Commanding Officer, with leadership, discipline and welfare responsibilities of up to 650 officers and soldiers and equipment. Yes. Not by a long shot. can you really stay impartial? Job Prospects After Service . Is every day perfect? An E-1 that is just coming into the army without dependents will get $1,516.20 in base salary. The allocation of roles is based on performance during training. The only real time you will have being a Soldier is as a platoon leader. Hot New Top Rising. Just a butter bar here (and a fresh one at that). The foundation of Logistics is leveraging assets versus requirements, and the language is dimensional analysis: given a Soldier eats 3 MREs in a day, there are 12 MREs to a case, 36 cases to a pallet, 8 pallets to a flatrack, two flatracks to a PLS system, how many systems do you need to feed 3200 Soldiers for one day? This is great when you've got supply falling out of your ass, but in circumstances when there's limited supply, you can't make these people understand that, despite the fact that they want 1500 gallons of fuel, you've only got enough to give them 1200, for example. Because of Regular Officers' greater tenure, they have some advantage over Reserve Officers. This is an important line because there always needs to be that division. //

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