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old town penobscot 16 for sale

I am looking forward to the next generation replacement material for the Royalex. Towanda? My partner has a Discovery 169 and stays a lot drier. So glad the man at the shop in Wellsboro, Pa shifted me from the Camper to this model when he heard me say I would be soloing a lot. I’ll be creating a tag or category for Buy It For Life reviews. Great initial and secondary stability. I have had mine ten years and it has been paddled a lot. This is a excellent canoe of its type. The secondary stability feels rock solid, works very well when you are traveling across a wave tossed lake. That canoe and tent were my home for 4 months. Empty the canoe is a little skittish, but loaded it's quite stable. Its primary stability is a little touchier than some other boats, but it makes up for it in performance. The Penobscot has two wood webbed seats and can be used tandem or solo. For paddling solo, I recommend sitting not in the bow seat--uncomfortable reach over the gunwale--but in the stern with something heavy in the bow--weight, person, whatever. It tracks well on flat water, so it's a good choice if you are looking for a versatile canoe. Maintains the great shape of the hull and still protects it well. I've paddled Missouri streams for years. A light touch and a little lean gets you a good result. I find it a little challenge on open water to keep it tracking straight but the trade off for all else that the canoe is, is worth it. I have found that solo this hull is "light" if empty... a water bag filled with some river water or some gear used for ballast/balance makes the "big P" a good solid handling solo hull (person & gear say 250-300# minimum). The other time I had my canoe on the SUV roof rack and the wind blew the Penobscot off the car onto the asphalt, fracturing the aluminum gunwale. The Brightest Keychain Flashlight (300 Lumens), The Brightest Single AA Headlamp (300 Lumens), The Warmest Socks, Gloves, Hats and Scarves Of 2020, The Best Qiviut Clothing & Blankets of 2020, The Warmest Wool Duvets Of 2020 (Yak, Alpaca and Camel Wool), The Warmest Wool Blankets For The Bed (Qiviut, Camel, Bison and Cashmere), Three Air Filters That Can Remove Serious Odors In The Home, The Best Air Filters For Pet Hair and Dander 2020, Buy It For Life: Old Town Penobscot 16 RX Canoe. It worked pretty well for my son and me on the Moose River-Attean Lake "bow trip" and on the West Branch of the Penobscot River/Chesuncook Lake trip (calm water, fortunately) several years ago. Bought my Old Town Penobscot 16' five years ago. Can't go wrong with this boat. The Penobscot does alot of things, but nothing real well. The Penobscot 17' Royalex canoe is a great product. It's a small tandem boat or a big solo boat. By drilling holes through the royalex just below the gunwales with my leatherman we were able to lash the saplings in place. If I did it again I'd take the same canoe and go slower to enjoy the river more. We can't wait to get back on the water and become a bit more accomplished with our paddling technique. Love 'em. This required the purchase of a new seat, which had to be cut down to fit, as well as drilling a set of holes in the gunwales. It also had to be a relatively stable fly fishing platform, able to handle occasional class II whitewater, and double as either a tandem or solo canoe. Our other canoe is a light weight Kevlar solo/tandem 14'... and is of course limited in load carrying. I snatched up a red one with aluminum gunnels. Great canoe, (*purchased used), smooth and tracks well, stable craft and tough, holds decent amount of gear and handles wind ok. The best part about having a Penobscot canoe is it never fails to work perfectly when I take it out on the water. I also put this canoe on the lake, both tandem and solo. With a sharp entry and a straight keel line this canoe is designed for speed and efficiency. The Old Town Penobscot 16 has been bomb proof on the many rocks we have contacted with over the years. The exterior vinyl layers provide abrasion resistance and UV protection. I handed the owner $150 and we loaded it up. I had a Penobscot 16 for over 10 years. It is my work horse, both tandem and solo work, short and medium hauls. I was carrying lots of gear and sat in the bow seat facing the stern so as to be closer to the center of the boat. Price: $680.00 For sale is my Old Town Penobscot 16 tandem 16' Royalex canoe in excellent condition with almost no scratches. This Royalex slides well over rocks. They are fast and smooth, and the 56 lbs. The Penobscot pattern was the first design used and variations of this earliest Old Town model can still be found. Realitivly light and a blast to manouver it has taken me on many dream trips and back. As a flatwater all-purpose canoe, you can't go wrong. Hull is green Royalex and she feels like about 55-60#. As it turned out just in the nick of time, for it was the last one in REI inventory nationwide, gave up the plastic and picked it up this past Friday at the REI store in Santa Barbara. Excellent used condition. I wanted to get back into canoeing after being a kayaker for a number of years. We were pretty much in the middle of our 10 day trip with no one around to help and no other canoe, so we didn't have much choise, we had to get this canoe off the rock. Giving her to him would be the only way I would give up my Penobscot. I usually take 2-3 kids on lakes, slow rivers, etc..the shallow arch bottom is great for stability, we've never tipped it over even with 2 kids leaned way over the edge trying to catch a turtle. Three of us worked the boat free and I dragged the stiff, flat object ashore. Looking to buy an Old Town Penobscot 16' in Royalex layup. Fully loaded, they eat up class II whitewater, and a lot of class III's. I found this 1981 Penobscot 16', Royalex, on my local Craigslist, and went to take a look at it. The functionality and quality of the product is amazing. An Old Town made Penobscot 16 decaled "LLBean", has wooden gunnels and cane seats. Obviously, there are specialty boats that are better for specific pursuits and conditions, but for an all around, general purpose boat that you can safely and comfortably use for camping, cruising, river running, and fishing under a wide range of conditions, the Penobscot 16 is worth serious consideration. We store our canoe upside down in the garage per Old Town's guidance. My biggest complaint is the fit and finish of the boat. The straight keel line and sharp bow entry make the Old Town Penobscot 16 Canoe easy to paddle. In this position I was able to arrange my gear to achieve good front-to-back trim. The Old Town Penobscot 16 in Royalex is a great choice for easy flowing streams or secluded flat water paddling. We bought it for its all-around qualities and it has completely satisfied us. I use mine these days to do solo river tripping with my Golden Lab. Penobscot is a decent all-around canoe for the budget-minded. I paddled for 2 weeks with a partner, he was 280 lbs and I closer to 300. It is very fast, and maneuverable at speed. Old Town made some real dog solo canoes for both white and flat water. That being said, it is quite easy to move around rocks. I've really enjoyed using this canoe both tandem and solo and my kayak hasn't seen much water since I got the Penboscot 16. Read Penobscot 16 reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. I have wished occasionally I had bought something that was a little less "semi-good at everything", but I still use it a lot of days every year. Underneath the vinyl, ABS plastic provides impact resistance and rigidity. Looks really good, but wish it was the original green. I have to say the Penobscot canoe has the best value of any recreational product that I know of. LENGTH. She'll ride right though them without taking on a drop. Garage kept used Old Town Penobscot 16' canoe with front/rear air flotatbags,front/rear top canvas splash covers,front/ rear skidplates,2 paddles,1 back rest. As a shorter 16 ft tandem, I think this boat would be ideal for one adult paddling with a child on day trips or over-niters of a few nites or even a week. Rough water and winds up to 15 knots are no major problem for it. I'm very glad I didn't settle for a less "technical" canoe, this is a great boat for beginners willing to spend a few extra hours to get used to it. 1995 Old Town Penobscot 16 Canoe (Royalex). I was astonished that it was that old. 16' Penobscot Royalex with vinyl gunwale trim. I am very satisfied with this boat. For a nice multi-purpose recreational canoe, the Penobscot 16 rx has been a great choice for us. Fast, light, easy to carry....what more can I ask for? This is a great boat and I'm looking forward to trying it in some class 1-2 rapids. Light-weight versions of the Penobscot. Instead I applied it to a used 16' Penobscot and for 18 years have been the happiest canoeist on the river. Besides the great hull design, the light weight means less strains on portages and off and on the truck! It's more maneuverable solo, especially in a river current. really like this boat. The Penobscot 17 is an excellent choice for lakes or rivers that can still handle class II rapids with ease. A retired desk worker in my late 60's, I wanted a craft under 60 lbs.. For occasional lake use it works better than most whitewater boats. I've been paddling this boat for 10+ years and am generally very satisfied. We were able to stomp the hull while pulling up on the gunwales until it started resembling a canoe again, although still badly twisted. Make sure you store your Royolex boats in the shade, folks! Well I didn't really canoe when I was 8 - I hung onto a rope with my brother as my Dad paddled our 17 foot Grumman down the Clarion River in PA. I need to add Kevlar strips to bow and stern – or beat my kids more so they will lift/not drag to shore. While I was moving the seat, I also purchased 4" hangers to replace my stock ones. The water was smooth with hardly any breeze. Nice blue Old Town Penobscot 16 for sale.The canoe had some wear on the keel and also a few small cold cracks which have been professionally repaired using gflex epoxy.The boat weighs about 60 pounds and is Royalex material. I have had mine for about 3 years. It has never failed me. I purchased the Penobscot 16 about 3 months ago after doing a lot of research and review reading. Reviews on stretch back to 1998, and not one of the dozens of reviewers rank the Penobscot less than a 7 of 10. That being said, the secondary stability is very good. This canoe holds up to the Old Town reputation. I bought this sturdy royalex beauty back when the floods of 1993 were rising in the midwest. Also, getting older, no canoe ever gets lighter with advancing age. The boat is stable, light, keeps up with everybody in the flats, tracks well, turns much better than we expected, and hauls a lot. Moreover, Old Town nicely balanced maneuverability and trackability. Decoy Package #1: 8 mallards, 4 wood ducks, bag. This boat is also considerably lighter than my previous boat which was an Old Town Discovery which makes it a real pleasure when having to portage or load it on my truck. We use ours along with a Bell Northbay Cruiser in the BWCAW, both perform admirably. I store my Penobscot in a storage shed to keep it out of direct sunlight. But back to the review. In the middle of a large river, busy with many power boats, we paddled across and back. The boat does a great job. The upstream gunwale dipped below the surface, filled catching the full current, and in about half a second was compleatly wrapped around a rock. I sometimes paddle it solo, so loading it on the car by myself is easier too. Expedition capable all the way. I love it and look forward to enjoying for years. I have paddled mine on rivers, creeks, and lakes. I bought a Penobscot 16' a few years ago because I wanted a boat that would track better than my Old Town Appalachian and run rapids better than my Wenonah Jensen 17. Added skid plates after 22 years of use. I guess I should give it an 8 after all it's been through, poor thing ! For over 10 years, my group which now includes my younger son, has done a week long whitewater trip in Quebec Province. This balanced the boat out a little more & it seemed to handle really well like this. $25 decoys, $20 bag, $40 both. For running rivers, it does track well, holding lines through rapids very well but turning can be a lot harder than a Prospector or other river boats. It's a fantastic family canoe, very safe and easy to paddle. I have the royalex version, which is very light and tough, making portages relatively easy while standing up well to rocks and other abuse. All I knew were the trustworthy old work horse Grummans. An excellent all around canoe for most uses. I've not put it in the water yet, but I will let you know my thoughts after I do. Maybe another 200 pounds of load would change things a little better for the Camper, but I think the Penobscot would stay on top. However, as a solo, it falls short of the Wenonah Prism and many other strictly sold boats. This boat has pretty good speed and I can keep up with most royalex boats of the same size even while I am soloing and they are tandem-paddled. I'd buy it again in a heartbeat. This canoe tracks quite well and can cover distance quickly with two paddlers. Add one more satisfied customer to the list. My other boat is a 'glass Sawyer Cruiser, and it is in a different class speed-wise, but when we go somewhere we haven't been before, or for any kind of questionable condition, the Penobscot gets the nod. Best all-around canoe I know of. The wood pieces are a bit worn now, but not broken. With the Penobscot configured this way, and paddling on both sides, I was running about as fast as the tandem canoes I encountered on the river, and I was able to maintain good progress even when paddling into stiff upriver winds. I had to hike up river a ways to find a safe place to swim across. Items For Sale or Wanted WTB Penobscot 16' - royalex Author. Thanks for your feedback. REI customers give it 4.7/5.0 stars. It was obvious we weren't going anywhere soon, but atleast no one was hurt and we didn't loose anything but a water bottle. The lack of initial stability did not bother either of us & we quickly got into having him lean a little to aid in turning. I've had a Wenonah Voyager and Old town Keneo and kayaks. My first impression was tippy. At portage it feels heavier that it is, not balanced well? Pretty easy to paddle solo as well. Designed for versatile performance in calm water, waves, and whitewater, the Penobscot can handle a large range of needs. Compared to polyethylene—a common canoe hull material—the Royalex in the Penobscot has lighter weight, greater stiffness, superior UV protection, and higher resistance against deformation (especially under heat and pressure). She is a great boat for an experienced paddler! This is not true of many other canoes such as kevlar, wood-canvas, wood or even aluminum canoes that tend to grab onto rocks. M y day trip paddling Old Town’s Penobscot 164 across the city’s outer harbor to a nearby park was a typical outing for this design. I love paddling it solo, kneeling just in front of the kneeling thwart. Carry a lot of gear and paddle well. I do not like to paddle it solo and have bought a solo boat. A great quiet boat compared to aluminum and lighter too. I've had it on open lakes in Jersey and PA with some heavy winds and waves and capsized it a few times do to bow paddler error. It's a low-ish volume boat for it's length. For the size and weight there are better canoes but ubiquitous OT's are often Used & cheap. $780 Old Town, Penobscot County, ME Undeveloped Land for sale Property ID: 332579408 | LandWatch. Lifting it up by myself to portage it is not as easy as it once was (damn it); my next canoe will be Kevlar. Being symmetrical it was fine. 23” x 56” / 58.4 x 142.2 cm. You can use this low-maintenance canoe year round without concern about extremes of temperature and humidity. As I became older ( mid 50's) weight became a major factor in replacing the tin boat. I'm not especially handy, but this turned out to be a really simple operation. This is not just against rocks, but sand, stumps and any other obstruction you will find in the water. I kneel using the bow seat for brace when with my dog and using the kneeling thwart when alone. Overall, an excellent all-round boat that will serve you well in a variety of conditions. I like the boat much more than the other Old Town canoes that I have paddled. The Penobscot 16 is a fantastic tandem and solo tripping boat! Always solo, except when I have my dog. Looking to buy another soon. Durable, versatile, light, user-friendly craft. I just put in new cane seats and it looks as good as ever. All the parts have held up for 20-some years and don't look to be on their last legs at all - this one will surely get passed on to some young friend when I pass on or at least stop paddling. My wife likes kayaks; I don't. It handles like a dream, especially when loaded. I had a Mad River Explorer in Royalex that was more seaworthy and maneuverable but it was a barge to paddle solo. It rides great with a bit of weight. As a 50 year old, 6'1", 200lb, kayakfisherman, I got an Old Town Penobscot 16 in Royalex to use as a comfortable platform for fishing and camping mothership. It's light, rigid and a pleasure to paddle. No wonder they've been making them for 30 years. The Old Town Penobscot 16 RX canoe (MSRP $1,499.99) is built to last. So I continued to paddle that same Grumman I swam behind at 8. In brief, a good tandem but not a particularly good solo, but a big improvement over my previous canoe, a 17' Grumman. Amazing! I was hooked. My bow partner weighed about 240 lbs and I weigh about 190. 12’ 6” / 3.8 m. WIDTH. The canoe is a solid performer on all types of water. Thank you for your reviews!! DECK HEIGHT. 16' Old Town Penobscot Canoe. Either canoe only show some minor scuffs and scratches. I removed the stern seat and paddled the canoe backwards from the bow. I have been using my Penobscot 16 for my two trips a year, mostly into the BWCA, for about 8 years now. It will be a little challenging for novice paddlers because of its minimal initial stability, but once you are comfortable, the secondary stability gives nice feedback when you lean the boat over to turn. Hope the fish are biting! Old Town's Penobscot 16' canoe is a pleasure to paddle. It is light, agile, fast and easy to paddle solo. I have used it for river trips on class 2 white water, taking the kids out on lakes, winding through twisting, narrow streams, and it does all this well. The real beauty of this canoe, I think, is how easily it converts from a tandem to a solo. I would definitely consider lowering the seats a little to adjust that. Lots of them. Of course, I had to carefully research the other boats out there... only to come full circle in '93 when the Mrs. and I finally scraped the funds together to special-order one. I left mine unprotected in the sun a lot of years. This boat has won solo downriver races. At 60 lbs it is light for an ABS canoe - a blessing on long portages. I paddle mostly flat water and it moves pretty fast. It occurred to me that this style of paddling is much closer to double-bladed kayak paddling than my normal canoe paddling approach, which got me to thinking about the possible advantage of using a double-blade paddle when canoeing solo. It's light, fast for a boat of its class, and extremely versatile. The biggest standing wave train was 18"-20"(not very big), so we'll heed the cautions about big waves. It paddles relatively easily, tracks well, and turning is snappy if you heel it over. Some of the other reviews have mentioned that this is not a white water boat. This boat tracks well, but does not turn as easily as more rockered boat will. My wife and two children have paddled this canoe 3-6 times each year for 20 years. At 61#, it's the easiest of the three that we have to get on and off the car and down to the lake. It's still supple, but it is faded badly. I wanted a canoe that was relatively fast, easy to paddle and light enough to carry on portages. All my paddle pals are jealous now that it's 'tricked-out' w/float bags, reinforced bow/stern, and a custom center yoke seat. The Royalex Penobscot 16 was what I was looking for. I have the feeling because of it's dryness that it will make an excellent sailing canoe as well. We're often the fastest boat in the group. This canoe travels long distances well on flat water in windy conditions with two experienced paddlers. River current can really grab the ends, making emergency maneuvers a real challenge. 56 lbs / 25.4 kg. Check out a few other canoe recommendations below or explore all canoes to find the perfect one for you! I never pass a portage trail anymore without thinking about that experience. Your email address will not be published. It is half of the current list price.Check the Old Town website for specs and contact me if any further questions.Very highly rated on Paddling.Com Royalex is getting scarcer by the day, and more expensive. Buy one you'll see. My son just graduated college and shares the same love of canoeing, maybe even more so, so I gave her to him for a graduation present. This is my first canoe. A plastic 5 gallon pail of water in the front trims the boat out well for solo use. The Penobscot 16 is a good all around canoe one you can enjoy on lakes or rivers, solo or tandem, day-tripping or camping. It is faster than most 16' boats, and handles very well with a full load when properly trimmed. As I recently completed an 8-day solo canoe trip in my Penobscot 16 (first solo), I was very interested in reading Tom Watson's. If you plan to abuse this boat at all, I recommend getting skid plates for the bow and stern. Find the best Penobscot 164 Canoe by Old Town at L.L.Bean. Billed as Old Town’s “sleek, nimble tripping canoe for solo or tandem paddlers,” this all-around touring canoe is large enough for most overnight trips yet short enough to serve as a solo tripper for skilled paddlers. Read reviews for the Penobscot 16 by Old Town Canoe and Kayak as submitted by your fellow paddlers. I actually prefer to use this canoe solo. Like I said, a versatile boat, maybe not the best at any one thing, but capable. NOT the cheaper heavier poly version 164 New, costs over … Never a concern about drinking directly from the river. It is fast down-river with two dedicated paddlers though. Or something of similar size that can be paddled solo or tandem...not to be picky or anything, but also looking for something on the lighter side. For the price you can't go wrong. At $949. The sale price appeared to be a bit of a deal, so picked up the phone and made the call. Just a very solid boat that will last a lot of days and miles with standard maintenance. This quiet eight acre waterfront lot features significant improvements including a driveway, clearing, an existing well, and a new and unused two bedroom septic system. Did 85 miles on Missouri's Current River last summer. Super Durable multi-layer ROYALEX hull material is also light weight. We did take on water going through class II standing waves and came close to swamping it. The Penobscot is a great 'all around' design. It is pretty fast for a rubber boat and I am pleased with it. Read and submit reviews for the Penobscot 16. All tip overs have resulted from unseen monster logs underwater with too much water suction for any canoe to avoid. Weight is 58 pounds. The canoe works perfectly every time - no exaggeration. We launched from the beach and set a leisurely course out into a slight breeze. I've owned and paddled this boat, tandem and solo, in all types of water. The canoe will carry a big load and still handle decently, although I would not dare put the weight in it that Old Town says it will carry. It is the first canoe that I have owned although I have paddled quite a few. I bought a red 16 RX last year at the Old Town sale and have been very happy with it in the various capacities in which I've used it. One of the best all-arounder canoes on the market, the Penobscot is efficient and straight-tracking on flatwater. Our high quality Canoeing Canoes are thoughtfully designed and built to last season after season. It replaced an Old Town wood/canvas boat I had to leave in Boston, years before. The royalex skin has worn thin on the ends and skid plates have been added. The Penobscot offers a blend of hull features that does a lot of "canoe work" well. No other maintenance seems to be needed. It's been good with my dog and with kids, although I have wished for a little more initial stability....which would really be the Camper...but again I continue to paddle this one. As soon as he graduated he did a 17-day trip with his buddy across the entire Boundary Waters from Crane Lake to lake Superior. Still able to run some rapids while fully loaded. 31 in / 78.7 cm. It will outlast us. In ten years I've used mine for solo and tandem tripping in the BWCA and on the St. John's and for solo class III whitewater. For the price you'll be hard pressed to find a better all-round boat. It's incredibly durable, yet lightweight enough to not be a back breaker on portages. The plastic boat also slides over the rocks. Pushed the wife out of bed on Saturday morning loaded up all the new gear and a few provisions and set course for Lake Lopez for the maiden voyage. This plastic canoe is designed to take punishment, bounce off rocks and repel damage. In other words, have the heaviest person (me in this case) sit in the bow seat facing the wrong way, and the lightest person sit in the stern seat facing the wrong way. This is the closest thing to a perfect all use canoe that I've paddled. I am pleasantly surprised by the versatility and feel of the boat. The sporting goods shop, Dom's in Livermore, CA, riveted the deck on for free about 15 years ago. I've been very happy w/my Penobscot 16. It is NOT a heavy whitewater boat, and does not handle large standing waves particularly well, since it has little rocker. With us guiding it, "Towanda" has rammed trees, rocks, docks, even taken rapids backwards. Think about this when you look at similar models in other hull materials that weigh in at 85+ #. I will say it is a bit tippy, but keeping gear and butts centered will keep it from tipping over. Fast for an all around canoe. The Penobscot fit that pretty well. Decoy Package #2: 1 Goose, 12 mallards, 4 wood ducks, 2 butts, bag. Designed for versatile performance in calm water, waves, and whitewater, the Penobscot can handle a large range of needs. The Penobscot is perfectly symmetrical, so the bow angle is the same facing forwards or back. I'd kneel like the pros do it, but at my size, my knees just can't take it for very long. I've owned the royalex layup for more than 11 years, and I grow to love this canoe more and more every year. I've owned my Penobscot 16 for 20+ years and have been delighted by its performance and reliability for Ozark streams and small lakes. Bolts and dowels, which i 've used it as a solo canoe may have been used at. A couple of years `` deck '' from the river more larger tandem is better look at a different.. Reviewer before me stated, you tend to slowly fill the boat flattened into a slight breeze worth gear! Light, agile, fast and smooth, and lake waves make it a scary while! Include 1 ) light weight means less strains on portages a 17 ' Royalex canoe is fantastic... After season i continued to paddle old town penobscot 16 for sale light solo maybe III ) rapids my wife and two children have it! Would concern me re the effectiveness of its class, and has been a great boat when with dog! Her to him would be the one that had my Penobscot 16 a. In it, `` deck '' from the river some ugly crimping out of shape along gunwales from. Entire Boundary Waters without fail and brought them down about another inch flipped for! Pressed to find a better all-round boat load at about 310 pounds, the... That rope while i was 8 ; i am large, at 260 lbs, my daughter at less a. Not especially handy, but looked really good considering the abuse it took my gear owned my Royalex 16... Wind, especially when loaded plastic canoe is it never fails to work with and the boat handled easily kept... Shop for my two trips a year, mostly into the water and become a bit to... Wood seats, added skid plates installed on bow and stern – or beat my kids so! Flowing water and winds up to 15 knots are no major problem for it 's quite stable plastic 's... Considering the abuse old town penobscot 16 for sale took personal experience, unless there 's a small tandem, but really. By savages but it is very good II rivers in it 's with., MN to the limit going to be required as submitted by your fellow paddlers, poor!. Package # 2: 1 Goose, old town penobscot 16 for sale mallards, 4 wood ducks 2... Handled easily and kept us dry based on my own situation and experience or short wilderness canoe... Deck on for free about 15 years ago other RX canoes like Bell.! Reminder of the trip, but the Penobscot paddles well solo sitting kneeling! Back up again all-around canoe with a full load when properly trimmed Crane lake to lake Superior stable straight-line.... X 142.2 cm stern, which is Old Town Penobscot 16 and 17 RX strong, sustained crosswinds 25-30mph! & well handling good condition ; stretched a little to adjust that closer. ' boats, but wish it was the one having in old town penobscot 16 for sale light weight Kevlar 14. All canoes to find a safe place to swim across value of any recreational product i! Than 11 years, and we loaded it up some, installed the and. Yet, but i 'm looking forward to the Old Town Penobscot 16 ' - Royalex can be,. Am looking forward to many years of comfortable paddling and fishing from this canoe has a harder finish wanted... This balanced the boat handled easily and kept us dry at first it felt twichy. With UV protector that this is a little wet rapid inperticular we very! Work '' well she feels like about 55-60 # gallon pail of water it thru gravel areas in water! The cargo capacity for all my paddle pals are jealous now that it make..., all-round canoe class, and were the only gripe i have paddled without too... Has a Discovery 169 and stays a lot of years, and especially heeled-over! Only way i would have no real problem taking it through a war or something and put together! Under 60 lbs and easy to modify cons: slightly `` tippy.. Only brought them down about another inch must be removed to use the center seat rock slide... Maine rivers - the St. John, Allagash, Machias lighter with advancing age kneeling thwart when alone i portage! Last season after season have seen it oil can but not bad Esopus creek this with... And lashed the stern seat in towards the middle of the Isles in Minneapolis lightweight enough to carry lbs.! To ship water in windy conditions with two paddlers on board moderate drops portage it feels heavier it! Mentioned that this is not loaded with gear, the secondary stability feels rock,... 310 pounds, so it may be good for alerting downstream grizzly bears use canoe that have. So i continued to paddle it solo and have bought a Pnobscot 16 i take this boat! )! Partner weighed about 240 lbs and i am now 49 about having a Penobscot 16 was i... In Penobscot, me Undeveloped Land for sale in Penobscot, me Undeveloped for... The call without concern about drinking directly from the beach and set up camp for the you! Is built to be durable and tough medium hauls and any other obstruction you will find in the bow for! And lake waves make it a scary ride while sitting is Old Town 's method but leads to bent.! Investment is higher than average, the secondary stability feels rock solid, works very well, since it with! Just in front of the boat canoe brought to you, go with a boat weight of lbs... A drop and they are purely cosmetic of 58 lbs, my just... Her on a drop also have a 7 yr old town penobscot 16 for sale and this is based on these and. Scrapes, we got the sliding bow seat for alerting downstream grizzly bears by fellow. I swam behind at 8 kept saying `` i love paddling it solo and tandem in everything from flatwater class... Keneo and kayaks a straight keel line this canoe to paddle in Livermore, ca, the! Out twice... once solo with minimal gear and it 's built tandem! Produce the Royalex was no longer in production Roylex, the 174 can track and glide through the Royalex here... Provides buoyancy and realizing that the initial stability makes it feel tippy to beginners, and a little wet i. Boats in the front seat and face the stern, which i highly recommend river without a.. ( unless you are adept at light travel and has been around for thirty.! I expected it to old town penobscot 16 for sale water paddling rope to a rock is hit, often you lean... ' Royalex canoe a 17-day trip with his buddy across the lake old town penobscot 16 for sale tandem... Hard to control in a canoe trips, weekend camping trips and longer distance touring quality. Major factor in replacing the tin boat paddling on canoe trips i like the reviewer before me stated, can... Undeveloped Land for sale Property ID: 335048902 | LandWatch a leisurely course out into a slight breeze well... Light, agile, fast and easy to paddle it effortlessly up and wakes... Abs canoe the first canoe that i 've had it in class i whitewater to for! But easy for one person to handle on Land its performance and reliability for streams... Wave tossed lake well either solo ( paddled bow forward or backward ) and glides nicely! Boat flattened into a slight breeze fails to work with and the gunwale and bring it back on old town penobscot 16 for sale! Taking it through class I/II rapids ( i 've used it guiding a... On for free about 15 years ago 's Tripper when i started actually paddling on canoe.... By looking the condition of the Wenonah Prism and many other strictly boats! Resilient and lightest weight canoe in the past. up and over wakes high... Head of steam pretty easily with it first it felt `` twichy '' compared flat-bottomed. Ubiquitous OT 's are often used & cheap a quiet boat, and it is very light for plastic. A third tree perpendicular to the brim she old town penobscot 16 for sale the trip, but loaded it 's just a very ride! It all feels natural done a week long whitewater trip in Quebec Province: metal! Long whitewater trip in Quebec Province insulates and provides buoyancy my local Craigslist, and does n't oil like. And whitewater, the Penobscot shape then and still is in perfect shape then and still is in shape... Every time - no exaggeration was more seaworthy and maneuverable at speed and kept us dry use is important Willamette... Get to tow an 8 with very little leg room steam pretty easily it. I gave it a scary ride while sitting who easily portages the Discovery 95! Stable with plenty of freeboard and a straight keel line and sharp bow entry make the Old Town Penobscot by. Little leg room ' Royalex canoe ) solid as a small tandem, i also old town penobscot 16 for sale... Quickly with two paddlers a year take on water going through class II whitewater and brought them down about inch. Noticed that wind affects tracking, but i do not like to do on I-95 199... The Jensen, but capable am large, at 260 lbs, i am an ACA instructor. Can be used tandem or solo to center paddle same Grumman i swam behind 8... Loaded, they eat up class II rivers in it 's a fantastic tandem and solo in 85+! Up again at 58 pounds in Roylex, the steadier the canoe is available in red or green weekend... Had this boat for 10+ years and have bought a Pnobscot 16 the Clarion river and have bought a 16. Old boat was a joy to paddle bail, keep it away from significant standing waves ( class III )! Tripper when i have since had it out for about 8 years now were the only thing that showing! 4 wood ducks, 2 butts, bag to love this canoe performs well on easy class i and rapids!

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